Kids and the Dentist.

Kids and the Dentist.

Being a parent can be a challenging path. Your life moves from looking after yourself, to taking care of the entire needs of another.

There are so many things to remember: school needs, bath time, doctors visits, growing bodies, vaccinations, make sure they are eating correctly, and that is just for starters.


For many parents, dental visits for the children are the last thing on the list, which can, unfortunately lead to a costly lesson. Regular preventative dental care helps not only avoid these costly visits, but it can help your kids to have healthy teeth and gums throughout their life.


The most important thing to remember when it comes to children and dentistry is that, like anything else in life, they learn from example. Taking care of your own teeth and showing them how it’s done really helps them to understand what needs to happen.

Then, get them involved in the process of learning what to do and how, by firstly showing them how to brush and take care of their teeth and then get them to begin to do it themselves. Remember, that lots of praise each and every time they brush really helps to build their confidence and sense of ownership around dental care.


Another point to mention is that it’s important to include your children into the decision making process of food choices. Poor food choices not only affects their weight, it also impacts directly on the health of their teeth.

Get your kids involved in making food choices toward good dental care. Help them to understand why it is important to eat lots of fruit and vegetables and why choosing snacks loaded down with sugar can mean that their teeth will be damaged.

Keep in mind that it’s not about preaching to them, it’s more about empowering them to choose for themselves. As a parent, there is nothing worse than having to repeat yourself and force your child to brush their teeth, so showing them the correct way from an early age and help them to develop positive dental health patterns.


We’re all too familiar with the challenges that parents face in helping their kids take care of their teeth. However, we also know that teaching them preventative dental care is beneficial to them long-term. The Boulton Dental team are here to help you though.

We can work with you and your child to take care of their teeth and gums. We’ve also developed a Children’s Dental Handbook, which is a comprehensive guide for parents through tooth development and care at every age.

We’ve even developed kids Tooth Hero program that will help them connect with the messages and actions of dental care!


PB and Floss are our Tooth Hero ambassadors. 

They have been designed for children and will help them get interested in taking care of their teeth and we’ve even included a certificate in their pack for when they’ve developed their new dental care habits. They’ll receive a toothbrush, toothpaste, activity book, crayons and even tattoos!

Be sure to ask our team if you have specific questions about your child’s dental health. We’re only too happy to guide you and your child in the right direction.

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