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Created in the United States By Dr. David Clark DDS, the Bioclear Method is founded on principles of structural engineering and modern materials science. Procedures are quick, easy, and minimally invasive.
The Bioclear Method involves wrapping anatomically shaped plastic tooth forms, called matrices, around each tooth to create a form to injection mould warm composite around the tooth, resulting in seamless, smooth, leak – free fillings and veneers.
The Bioclear method can be applied for;

  • Black triangle closure
  • 360’ Veneers
  • Space closure, broken and undersized teeth
  • Posterior Restorations

The Bioclear Method: Steps

The 5 Pillars of the Bioclear Method allowing for the conservation of enamel and creating long-lasting restorations are:
1. Removal of biofilm before bonding.
2. Preparations for composite maximizing enamel involvement.
3. The use of clear anatomically shaped mylar matrices.
4. Injection moulding warm 3M Filtek composite.
5. Establishing the final “rock star” polish.

The efficacy of the Bioclear Method is backed by scientific studies. Following all five steps consecutively will be rewarded by achieving long-term bond to enamel without sacrificing a healthy tooth structure. Patients will benefit from the concept of additive dentistry with no tissue inflammation, no roughness, no floss tearing, and an assurance that the restoration will be as strong as porcelain.

Upcoming CPD Training Schedule:
Dr Boulton is one of Australia’s only Certified Bioclear Providers and educators.

2023 Schedule
Sunshine Coast 14 October 2023, Bioclear Technique for Injection Moulded Composites, E3ENDO, Click here for Booking information.

For more information about the Bioclear Method and upcoming education opportunities please contact Dr. Boulton directly at [email protected].

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