Dental Treatments for Cancer Patients

The following is some advice that may help you care for your mouth whilst

receiving cancer treatment

Ideally one month or more before treatment begins, have a pre-treatment oral exam with your dentist

Allow at least 14 days of healing for any oral surgical procedure before starting treatment

During Chemotherapy

For routine preventive dental treatment, your platelet count should be above 75,000/mm3 and neutrophil count above 1,000/mm3

After cancer treatment

It is very important to prevent any oral complications. Since your mouth may be changed and your saliva may not be as good, maintaining preventative care appointments will help your mouth to be healthy and help you keep your teeth for life.

  1. Brush teeth morning and night with a toothpaste containing fluoride
  2. Floss once a day
  3. Salt and bicarbonate mixed in a glass of water is a great mouthwash to help neutralise acid and soothe sore gums and mucosa
  4. Use Hylodent mouthwash and/or gum serum to help reduce mucositis, find these products at
  5. If you have a denture, wash it after eating and morning and night time with soap and water
  6. Change your toothbrush monthly and make sure you use a soft bristle brush
  7. Reduce alcohol intake
  8. Avoid any alcohol containing mouthwashes
  9. Discuss what is best to eat with a dietitian

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