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Newcastle Teeth Whitening

There are a few ways of whitening teeth and we balance speed, safety and effectiveness. Gold Standard Best Practice Care is our priority.

We don’t use high concentration bleaches as they can damage enamel and cause severe sensitivity. Those lights and lasers make no difference to the result, either; they’re mostly for show.

We offer 2 Teeth Whitening Options here at Boulton


 Customised take home trays:

Prescribed take home trays, using opalescence bleach are the safest and most reliable method to whiten your teeth. In most cases, we can guarantee the results or your money back.

We take an impression of your teeth, create a customised tray and you take them home, along with the opalescence bleach to use in the convenience of your own time and place.

We use 10% carbamide peroxide strength bleach, which is prescription only.

Opalescence go:

Opalescence go is a product created by opalescence which is a premade generic mold with pre fitted bleach. Opalescence go is a quick easy option for a whiter smile. Bleach concentration is 6% hydrogen peroxide (a little over half the strength of the prescription bleach).

This product can be purchased without prescription and over our counter.

What you need to know

icon_shiny toothWhitening is safe, but some of you may experience some tooth sensitivity.

The bleaching isn’t permanent, but if you do it properly the first time, you’ll probably only need an annual top-up to get rid of new discolouration.

Lots of foods and activities can stain teeth but our favourite culprits are still tea, coffee and red wine – and smoking (but you knew that, didn’t you)?

Before treatment

icon_shiny toothRemember: Teeth whitening treatments work only on natural enamel (not on any filling materials).

If you’re going to get a crown, a veneer or an implant, get your teeth whitened first so we can match the colour.

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