Black Triangles


Dr. Eric Cullen
Closure of black triangle post orthodontic treatment.


30% of adults have black triangles, known as open gingival embrasures. These black triangles can result from

  • bone loss,
  • recession at the gum line and sometimes,
  • movement of teeth.

Dark spaces between teeth can age a smile.

Teeth with black triangles are all prone to food accumulation and tartar build up. In cases where the enamel is perfectly healthy it does not need to be masked with veneers. Using the Bioclear Method, we can conservatively close these gaps to rejuvenate your smile.

Bioclear’s unique method allows tooth coloured composite filling material to go in between the tooth and the gum to ‘grow the tooth’ and restore the pink papilla – the black triangle becomes the pink triangle.

Black triangles can be an issue after post orthodontic treatment, especially in adults, with 40% experiencing this phenomena. The Bioclear method can conservatively correct these making your smile amazing again.

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