CEREC crowns


CEREC Same Day Crowns:

At Boulton dental we offer same day CEREC crowns.  These crowns are made from the same material as lab made crowns, porcelain, or zirconia.

The process in much more streamlined.  The appointments are broken up into two stages.

The first appointment is 60 minutes.  During this time the tooth is anaesthetised and shaped.  Then the teeth are scanned with a digital scanner, which takes millions of tiny photos a second.  Then the crown is designed on the computer in front of you.

At this point you are free to go away or rest in the patient lounge for about an hour or so while the crown is made on site.

The crown is manufactured from a monolithic block of porcelain or zirconia.  The milling unit shapes the crown perfectly to fit you tooth.  Then the crown is placed in a furnace and baked to strengthen the material.  This takes about an hour.

The second stage is the cementation of the crown.  You are still numb from the initial visit at this point.  The crown is tried onto your tooth and then cemented to the tooth and the process is completed.

There are several advantages to CEREC same day crowns:

  • Only one needle at the start
  • No temporary crown required
  • No waiting 2 weeks for the final crown
  • Start to finish is complete within about 3 hours

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