The Big Hug Box

Optimal Oral Health outcomes are our primary concern at Boulton Dental.

From birth onwards we support our patients using advanced gold standard preventative and screening models through all life stages, including periods of systemic illness.

For this reason we are absolutely honoured to partner with The Big Hug Box.  These Big Hug Boxes not only help say the words you cant find, they are also highly useful in supporting patients receiving cancer treatment. We are proud to announce the addition of OH Care Gum Gel, to the bespoke collection of care products found in The Big Hug Boxes.

OH Care Gum Gel is the perfect oral care product for patients receiving cancer treatment who may suffer from mucositis. OH Care concentrated dose of hyaluronic acid soothes and lubricates the mouth for targeted intensive care.

Thank You Lisa for your continued support and amazing work you do. Thank you also Sandy from BioMeDent for creating this Australian made product. These two women tirelessly and selflessly serve the community, truly making this world a better place.

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With love, The Team at Boulton Dental

If you or a loved one are undergoing cancer treatment and would like oral care advice or support during this difficult time, please phone our lovely front desk on 02 4961 6300 or book online

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