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We’re the dentist The Junction locals rely on for exceptional care and excellent results

From worn-out fillings to frequent snacking, high sugar or not enough flossing, it’s harder than ever to stay cavity-free.

Broken teeth, fillings, and tooth decay can occur in patients of all ages. Tooth decay is usually painless in its early stages, but if not treated early it can lead to toothaches, broken teeth and extractions. Sometimes tooth decay can be treated without fillings if it is found early — that’s why it’s essential to receive regular preventative check ups from your dentist.

Whether you’re replacing an existing filling, treating a new cavity or preparing for root canal therapy, we know how stressful it can be to visit the dentist. At Boulton Dental, we offer sensitive, delicate and effective care to make your next treatment as stress-free as possible. We also provide excellent preventative care to our patients, so you can avoid needing more invasive treatments later in life.

For calm, sensitive and effective treatments, we’re the dentist Merewether and The Junction locals rely on. We’ll take the hassle out of getting your next filling and leave your teeth looking better than ever. Plus, our dental practice includes a comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry services, dental implants and preventative care to keep your smile looking gorgeous all year round.

Our services include:

For the highest quality dental treatments, we’re the Junction dentists you can rely on. Make an appointment with a male or female dentist and get the dental care you deserve.

From fillings to dental implants, extractions and more, you need reliable, compassionate Junction dentists to take the stress out of your next check-up

At Boulton Dental, we’re the dentist Merewether locals choose for exceptional dental care. We’ll help you with your oral health so you can have your teeth for life.

Nervous about your next checkup? We want all our clients to feel safe, confident and comfortable while we treat their smiles. Call our team ahead of time and we’ll establish a plan of action for your appointment, including hand signals, breaks, deep breathing, soothing music and more. You can also choose between a male or female dentist depending on your personal needs.

From fillings to root canal treatment, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry and more, take the pain out of your dental care with Boulton Dental.

Composite fillings

Composite or resin fillings are tooth coloured and are the main filling material used to restore most teeth. The new-generation composite resins are strong, tough and seamlessly integrate into your mouth, making it hard to spot them from your natural teeth.

Composite fillings can restore teeth with cracks and decay. They can be used to mask discolored teeth and improve aesthetics. They require less tooth structure to be removed due to them adhering/bonding to the tooth structure.

When placed with care and experience, these natural tooth-like fillings are durable and long-lasting.

Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is a treatment used to save a tooth from extraction. Teeth require root canal therapy when the tooth has become infected or irreversibly inflamed. These infected or inflamed teeth can cause toothaches. If a root canal is possible, it is done to save the tooth and is an alternative to an extraction.

The basis of a root canal is to remove the infected or inflamed tissue from inside the roots of the tooth. Root canal therapy is done over two to three appointments. This is done by cleaning the inside of the tooth with small flexible files and antibacterial solutions. Then, the tooth is dressed with an antibacterial paste, which is left in the tooth for a few weeks.

The next appointment is when the spaces that were created inside the tooth, during the cleaning appointment, are filled up with a biocompatible rubbery type of filling material. Both of these appointments are performed with a rubber dam over the tooth to isolate the tooth from any saliva and bacteria from your mouth.

Amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings are not used as much these days compared to composite fillings. However, Amalgam is a great material and works well in back teeth.

For more information on amalgam fillings, get in touch with our team.

Wisdom teeth extractions

Wisdom teeth can start to cause issues from around 16 years of age. While many people don’t experience any discomfort from their wisdom teeth, some wisdom teeth grow in at irregular angles and bump into the teeth surrounding them, causing pain and infections.

If you’re experiencing soreness or pain from your wisdom teeth, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team and choose the Newcastle dentists Merewether locals trust for safe, effective wisdom teeth extractions.

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Don’t settle for second best — give yourself the smile you deserve with Boulton Dental. With precise treatments and sensitive care for children, teens and adults, we’re the Newcastle dentist The Junction locals choose for superior results.

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