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At Boulton Dental, we believe the best way to avoid costly dental work and invasive procedures is with high-quality preventative care. Whether you’re treating a toothache, getting a checkup or in need of emergency dental work, our highly-trained team is here to help.

With male and female dentists, we provide professional, personalised services perfect for emergency treatments, nervous patients, children and everyone in between. We’ll improve your long-term oral health with sensitive, compassionate care, advanced treatments and outstanding results across our full range of services. Plus, we offer flexible payment options including Afterpay and Zip Pay so you can get the treatment you need, when you need it.

For preventative treatments, emergency procedures and excellent care, we’re the dentist Newcastle locals trust to keep their smiles looking beautiful. Book an appointment online today.





The dental clinic Newcastle locals trust for exceptional care and excellent results

At Boulton Dental, we want all our clients to feel confident and comfortable with their dental care. That’s why we go the extra mile to deliver effective, evidence-based preventative care across our range of comprehensive dental services.

With dentists, oral health therapists, hygienists and support staff trained to the highest possible standards, we deliver exceptional services no matter your needs. Thanks to our excellent hygiene and safety standards, we were the first practice in NSW to achieve practice accreditation across six standards of healthcare.

We use proven technologies and accurate, evidence-based techniques to ensure you receive a fast, precise diagnosis and high-quality treatment. The dentists assess all new patients for periodontal diseases and potential tooth decay to ensure we’ve left no stone unturned during your oral treatment. Plus, we screen every patient for oral cancer at each visit, so you can rest assured you’re receiving thorough, comprehensive dental care when you choose our practice.

With online bookings, Afterpay and Zip Pay options, same-day emergency appointments and Saturday appointments, we take the hassle out of your dental care. Book online today!

Meet the Newcastle Dentists you can rely on

These highly-skilled Newcastle dentists deliver precise, careful and committed care to the highest possible standards. Whether you’re fixing a chipped tooth, treating obstructive sleep apnoea or looking for a new dentist for kids in Newcastle, we’re here for you. These male and female dentists provide effective preventative care to reduce the risk of long-term treatments and invasive procedures for your teeth.

With proven skills, advanced technology and cutting-edge equipment, get the dental care you deserve. Book an appointment with a leading Newcastle dentist at Boulton Dental today.

Looking to improve your teeth? We’re the dentist Newcastle locals rely on for beautiful smiles all year round

From cosmetic dentistry to emergency treatments, general checkups and dedicated preventative care, we’re here to help.

We deliver pain-free dental care and detailed treatment plans that will leave you feeling good and looking great.

Visit us during our opening hours and get the care you deserve with Boulton Dental.

Monday: 8am – 6pm
Tuesday: 8am – 6pm
Wednesday: 8am – 6pm
Thursday: 8am – 6:30pm
Friday: 7.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 8am – 12pm

When you need dentists in Newcastle, make an appointment with us and bring your smile to life with Boulton Dental. Get in touch today!

FAQs about Boulton Dental

Are the dentists experienced with handling nervous patients?

Yes. At Boulton Dental, we want all our patients to feel safe, comfortable and cared for during their appointments. These male and female Newcastle dentists specialise in providing sensitive, compassionate care for nervous patients.

From hand signals to frequent breaks, deep breathing or listening to relaxing music, we’ll help you find the right technique to stay calm throughout your appointment. If you’re experiencing dental anxiety, contact our team at (02) 4961 6300. We’ll discuss your concerns and implement any techniques to help you feel safe and relaxed during your session.

We’re the dentist Newcastle locals choose for sensitive, accommodating treatment. Get in touch with our team today.

What type of teeth whitening services do you offer?

Whether you’re planning for a special occasion or just looking to improve your smile, we provide a range of advanced, effective teeth-whitening services.

We offer custom take-home trays to provide safe, reliable and effective teeth whitening with opalescence bleach. After taking a precise impression of your teeth, we’ll provide you with bleach and detailed instructions that take the hassle out of teeth whitening. Plus with minimal tooth movement, our trays can be reused for months or years to come!

We also provide fast, efficient Opalescence Go treatments that come with a pre-made mould and pre-fitted bleach. We recommend Opalescence Go if you’re looking for a fast, over-the-counter option for giving your teeth a touch-up.

Book an appointment online or contact us at (02) 4961 6300 and find the right teeth whitening product for your smile.

Do you provide emergency dental services?

Yes. From chipped teeth to extreme toothaches, we’re the emergency dental clinic Newcastle locals rely on for fast, efficient emergency dental work. Whether you’re a new or existing patient, we hold daily spaces for emergency appointments to ensure we can see you as soon as possible.

For reliable emergency dentists, Newcastle locals choose Boulton Dental for fast treatments and excellent results. If you have a dental emergency in Newcastle, contact our team or visit our office immediately. We’ll keep your smile looking gorgeous and ensure your teeth are properly cared for.

Should I disclose any medications that I’m currently taking before my appointment?

Yes. Always inform your dentist if you are taking any medications during your appointment with us.

Prescription or over-the-counter medications can be a contributing factor to your oral health and can be the cause of any issues that you’re experiencing with your teeth. Our team also takes into account your medications when providing treatment options for your teeth. For example, some medications can increase the risk of bleeding during oral procedures or cause mouth sores and other soft tissue reactions. Having an up-to-date list of current and past medications can help our team quickly identify any problems with your oral health.

Always update our team with any changes to your current medications.

Are your team experienced with dental care for babies and infants?

Yes. From first visits to ongoing care, we provide exceptional care for babies, bubs and infants of all ages.

We’ll identify any early signs of dental issues and ensure your little one grows up with a healthy smile. Our team will also help your child feel safe, comfortable and relaxed throughout their appointment and are experienced with handling anxious, nervous or fidgety children. Plus, we’ll help mum and dad handle any toothaches or teething issues that your bub may experience as their first teeth are coming in.

When it comes to treating your little ones, we’re the dentist Newcastle parents trust for exceptional dental care. For more information on our dental services for infants, get in touch with our team at (02) 4961 6300.

Where are you located?

Our practice is located at 202 Glebe Road, Merewether NSW 2291. We provide a limited number of parking spaces behind our practice, with street parking also available.

What payment options do you accept?

At Boulton Dental, we make it easy to pay for your checkups, treatments or emergency dental work. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Amex and cash payments for all our services and use HICAPS to provide instant rebates from your health fund of choice. We also provide flexible buy now pay later options including Afterpay and Zip Pay, so you can receive the treatment you need without breaking the bank.

For more information on payment options for your next appointment, get in touch with our practice at (02) 4961 6300.


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