Can you see white spots on your child’s teeth?

Can you see white spots on your child’s teeth?

Sometimes your children’s teeth can show underlying issues, like white spots. White spots can appear on a child’s teeth and as a parent, you may be looking at tooth development flaws or decay.


If your child’s teeth are sensitive to hot and cold, it may not be decay. Almost 20% of children will have some amount of hypo mineralised incisor or molar teeth. This can be seen on their front teeth as white patches or spots on the teeth, or perhaps brown stains or a change in shape to the teeth.

Unfortunately, there are many causes to sensitivity, spots and discolouration to your child’s teeth, but it’s not always clear which cause is responsible for each case. Your dentist can provide you with treatment to desensitise the teeth to stop decay starting in rough areas and keep the teeth until the other teeth have developed.


If the molars are badly affected a decision is made at about ten years of age whether to keep and restore these teeth or remove them and allow the twelve year old molars to erupt in their place. Getting these teeth through to the age of ten is important in reducing the need for orthodontic treatment later.


Finer white lines, rather than spots running across teeth are usually due to children swallowing toothpaste and are called fluorosis. These lines usually make the teeth look whiter but gradually wear off with age.

If you have any concerns with your child’s teeth at any age, it is important to get them checked and assessed by a dentist. This may prevent long-term dental damage.


White spots developing near the gum on teeth is usually the earliest sign of tooth decay in children. If detected and treated at this stage the decay can be stopped and the teeth rehardened.


  • What teeth could be at risk of decay?
  • What changes should I look for?
  • Does my child need any special treatments?

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