Heart disease and your teeth

Heart disease and your teeth


There is little doubt that the presence of periodontal disease can exacerbate existing heart conditions. The periodontist and cardiologist generally work as a team in order to treat individuals experiencing both conditions.

There are several theories that may explain the link between heart disease, stroke and periodontal disease.

The main theory is that, in some people, their bodies over-react to bacteria and inflammation. Long-term infection allows bacteria to enter your bloodstream. Over time, this bacteria can damage blood vessels in the heart and brain.

The good news is that the link between gum disease and heart disease has been largely debunked. Although there is certainly a correlation, other factors such as family history, poor overall health and diet and smoking tend to be present as well.

So who is at risk?


  • An indigenous Australian
  • A diabetic
  • Suffer from hypertension

then you are regarded as high risk. It is critical that you maintain optimum oral health for your overall wellbeing.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late.

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