Preventive Dental Options


Tooth decay and gum disease are now classified as the two most chronic diseases in Australia. Most decay and gum disease is painless in the early stages. If we can catch them early, we can treat them with minimal intervention.

We know that, for optimum oral health, prevention is better than cure.

We believe strongly that we can achieve the best results with our patients by taking the time to listen to you.

Good oral health depends on a trusting relationship between dentist and patient. Tooth decay and gum disease is NOT inevitable; you can avoid it.

On your first visit to us, we give you a comprehensive dental examination. We evaluate your teeth and gums, assess your risk for cavities, gum disease and perform an oral cancer screen. We will also ask a comprehensive medical history as your overall health and lifestyle can affect your oral health.

Your dental check up usually involves dental x rays. Dental x rays are necessary for accurate and swift diagnosis of many dental problems. The dosage of these X rays is also very low. Here at Boulton Dental we also have an OPG (Orthopantomogram) machine, which can take a wide angled view of your mouth if necessary.

At all stages, we’ll reassure you and keep you informed of what we’re doing and why. We then customise a treatment plan for you providing evidence base and cost-effective solutions.


Your session with a hygienist or oral health therapist includes cleaning, measurement of the pockets between gum and teeth and evaluation of any bone loss. This evaluation is important. If we can detect disease early on, we can treat it more easily.

The dental hygienist or oral therapist then treats your teeth and gums according to the early signs and risk of further damage. This treatment will include removing plaque and calculus from your teeth, polishing them and possibly applying fluoride. Fluoride application has been proven to lower your risk of developing decay.

Here at Boulton Dental we use a machine called the EMS Airflow to clean your teeth. The Airflow uses a mix of water, air and a fine powder to gently and painlessly remove the biofilm (plaque) and young tartar from the surfaces of your teeth.



Brushing and flossing twice daily are the first steps to eliminating bad breath.

Brushing and flossing removes bacteria responsible for creating odorous sulphur compounds and the food they feed on. However, bacteria hide not only on and around the teeth but also on the tongue under a layer of mucous, here they are free to create odours.

It is best to brush your tongue daily or you may want to consider a tongue scraper. Both are extremely effective at removing this protective mucous layer from the back of the tongue.


We recommend regular Check-up and Cleaning to monitor the

bacteria in your mouth.


Sometimes despite your best oral care efforts dry mouth can occur.

Risk factors for dry mouth include:

  • medications
  • conditions of salivary glands
  • cancer treatment
  • dehydration
  • nerve damage
  • health conditions; diabetes, thrush, HIV
  • snoring
  • smoking and alcohol
  • recreational drug use

Dry mouth can lead to:


  • plaque, tooth decay (caries) and gum disease
  • mouth sores / ulcers
  • oral thrush
  • oral sores, cracked corners of the mouth and lips
  • dental erosion

If you are suffering from dry mouth regular check up and clean is very important.

We also recommend and stock many dry mouth products in the surgery including xylitol gums and sweets, specialised dry mouthwashes and new to the market oral probiotic lozenges by hylodent.

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