Are Sports & Energy Drinks Bad for my Teeth?

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Are Sports & Energy Drinks Bad for my Teeth?

Short answer yes, long answer YES!

Prolific & Dodgy Marketing

Sports drinks & energy drinks are everywhere and they’re marketed in deceiving ways, talking about added vitamins and natural ingredients etc. But deep down, they are no good for your teeth!

Currently, these drinks are consumed at an alarming rate, especially the energy drinks. We all know that guy or gal at work that must start their day with an energy drink. But what’s going to happen to their teeth long term?

What Happens to Your Teeth? Acid happens…

Sports & energy drinks have higher acidity levels than soft drinks and we all know soft drinks are BAD. Haven’t we all seen the Coca Cola decaying videos on YouTube?

What’s wrong with acid? Well it gives your teeth the “gift” of enamel erosion! It’s a gift you don’t want though, because it’s a sure-fire way to painful cavities over time.

Which is Worst?

So, what’s worst, sports or energy drinks? Well studies indicate that… you guessed it, energy drinks are probably worst!

General Dentistry published a study that ranked acidity levels of common energy drinks and the following topped the rankings in most acidity (no particular order):

  • Monster
  • Rockstar
  • 5-Hour Energy
  • Red Bull Sugar Free

Are you drinking any of these? They have almost double the acidity when compared to Gatorades & Powerades.

But I love these drinks! What Should I do?

I’m glad you asked. Moderation is key as usual. But in all honesty, especially for energy drinks, you should consider eliminating them entirely! There are many other reasons why quitting is your best option, not just preventing painfully deep teeth cavities.

However, here are some great dental tips as you transition or manage your energy and sports drinks consumption:

  • Wash your mouth out with water after consumption
  • Brush your teeth 60 mins after consumption (for your mouth to return to regular pH levels it needs some time)
  • Budget a certain amount of drinks per week & be disciplined with this!
  • Start counting the amount of drinks you consume, then slowly reduce this over the weeks or months (remember: what you measure you can manage!)

If you’ve been having a little too many Sports or Energy drinks and you’re worried about your teeth, please come in and see us! Book online here or give us a call on 0249616300

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