Am I taking care of my teeth?

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Am I taking care of my teeth?

Personal care of your teeth varies from person to person thanks to culture, parents, environment, schooling systems etc. So, it’s important to know, if objectively speaking, you are doing what’s best for your teeth.

Below is a quick list of our most handy tips for keeping your teeth, gums and overall mouth healthy.

How many times do I brush my teeth?

At least twice a day please! Three times would be great too, obviously once in the morning, once before bed and maybe once before your big date!

Be careful, over brushing is a problem though, so don’t be aiming for 10 brushes a day or anything like that.

Oh, and please use a fluoride toothpaste.

What about flossing?

Yes, flossing is critical. Your handy little toothbrush just can’t get actually in between your teeth or hit the spots between your teeth and your gum line. So that’s why you must employ the power of floss!

Once a day is great for floss or an interdental brush, but make sure you’re doing it right. Ask us to teach you on your next visit or check out some videos online.

Obviously, if you have had a really meaty meal for example and there’s a lot of meat stuck between your teeth, the faster you remove that the better. Please do not leave it in there overnight, that’s for sure. So maybe before bed is the best time to floss.

Drop the Sugar! And smoking & drinking for that matter…

Well at least cut it all down a lot.

Most of the world is consuming an alarming amount of sugar, and it’s causing a huge negative effect on all our teeth.

Drinking alcohol and smoking, not only are bad for your health but do have a terrible impact on your teeth, gums and mouth.

See us, your friendly dentist more often!

Or any dentist for that matter! Because without regular check ups you could be at risk of something devastating happening. Or at least not get the warning you may need. Detecting problems early is critical to treating your teeth well.

If you leave it too late, you may incur permanent damage, and we would all hate that, so pop in for a visit – book online here or give us a call on 0249616300 – we would be glad to help!

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