Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon

IS CHARCOAL TOOTHPASTE GOOD FOR YOU? By Brittany Kirby Dental Hygienist

Activated charcoal, also known as activated carbon, is a fine black powder often made from coconut shell particles heated until they become porous, which allows them to bind to toxins. Many of you would have seen this product advertised all over the internet.

These products have grown increasing in popularity this year and who can blame consumers?  The product offers a safe, natural, easy and fast way to whiten teeth and the added benefit; you get all of this for only a fraction of the cost ($10-$60) of whitening with a dental professional.

Activated charcoal also claims that it binds to toxins in your mouth, which helps reduce bad breath.

Here are some things you need to know before whitening your teeth with one of these products.

  1. The powder is often abrasive. Which means it can wear down enamel surface, causing sometimes permanent damage to the tooth structures.
  2. As the product comes in a powdered form you run a risk on inhalation into your lungs. Activated carbon powders could be a as carcinogenic as cigarette smoke.
  3. The dark colour of the powder can stain the gums; swaying results and making your teeth appear whiter.
  4. The colour of your teeth is dictated by the dentine layer (inside the tooth structure, under your enamel). Which cannot be changed without penetration of the tooth surface.
  5. The claim that it helps bad breath. Activated carbon has been used for years within emergency departments to absorb toxins. Although this claim that brushing with it improves bad breath, has never been proven. It is important to remember to speak to your doctor or dental professional there may be a medical condition causing the problem.

In short, NO – charcoal toothpaste is not good for you!

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