A Warm Welcome Back to Boulton Dental

A Warm Welcome Back to Boulton Dental

We are now providing full service exceptional care.

With the much-anticipated return to full services for dental practices, we wanted to share with you what we have been doing over the last couple of months to prepare.

At the height of the pandemic, dental practices were allowed to operate under Level 3 restrictions, meaning we could see patients in emergency situations only, under very strict infection control measures. We were required to wear N95 masks and hairnets, work under rubber dam as much as possible to reduce the aerosols, or mist, that entered the environment, and take everyone’s temperatures as they entered the building, staff included. These measures were of course necessary precautions to keep both staff and patients safe. The N95 masks, as you may have seen, were extremely uncomfortable, but thanks to Dr Amanda’s aunt, headbands with buttons were made to secure the mask without causing pain to the ears where they would normally loop over. We closed up the waiting room, and the limited patients that we saw, waited in their cars until we were ready to bring them directly into the treatment room to reduce contact with surfaces & staff as much as possible.

During these weeks, we worked in teams, so as to reduce the risk of infection across the entire dental team, although we are very grateful we never experienced any threat of infection that would cause us to close up shop completely.

We were very happy when these restrictions were lifted to Level 2 after a few long weeks, allowing us to begin seeing more patients for routine dental care, but still keeping in line with these extra precautions. While we were able to see patients for check-ups we have been limited in what care we could provide in the way of hygiene, as many procedures produced aerosols and proved too much of a risk to be considered essential. With this in mind, we have seen a handful of patients for hand scale cleans only, especially those with gum disease who require regular ongoing maintenance to keep dental disease at bay.

While the practice was not running at full capacity, the clinicians were not sitting idly, rather we were extremely lucky to have a wealth of continuing education available, in the form of webinars and online learning. Every clinician undertook some form of professional development activity, on many varying topics, from jaw pain, orthodontics, social media relations, new techniques in minimally invasive dentistry (including the use of silver fluoride), Invisalign…the list goes on. All of this was in preparation for us to return to you armed with new or refreshed knowledge, in order to better serve you as our patients. Just ask us what we have been up to over the last couple months for an update on what we have learnt, and how we are able to better treat you.

Returning to Level 1 restrictions means we are ready to see you for ALL your dental appointment needs, including hygiene, with the Airflow! which we know many of our patients have come to love. We love it too! Although we are now essentially ‘back to normal’, be assured we will still be doing everything we can to keep you and our staff safe so we will continue to employ additional infection control measures while ever we are in the midst of this pandemic.

Up until this point, making appointments for these procedures have been difficult as we were unsure about when we would be able to return to full services, and we want to thank each and every one of you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. We are very excited to be back up and running and look forward to seeing you and your smile!

To make your appointment, phone our lovely front desk on 02 4961 6300, or direct book your appointment online CLICK HERE 

We wish you continued well-being and look forward to seeing you soon.

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