4 Foods that are bad for your teeth

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4 Foods that are bad for your teeth

Let’s explore what foods are really bad for your teeth so you can consider not consuming them at all or limiting their consumption greatly. There are more than just these four, but let’s start here.

Potato Chips

Uh oh, the beloved potato chip. What’s so bad about it? Well they contain a lot of starch. So, what? Well it’s susceptible to being stuck in your teeth which can lead to plaque build-up (and this causes your teeth big problems!)

So just be careful, ensure you definitely floss on your potato chip snacking marathon days so you get rid of all the little bits from in between your teeth.

Too much Citrus

Yes, those lemons and limes for example can cause big problems in your little mouth!

Too much citrus leads to too much acidic exposure to your teeth which then leads to enamel erosion and where does that finally lead to? Tooth decay! And yes, the final stop will then be a visit to us to stop the pain.

So, watch out, and especially be careful with ALWAYS putting a lemon or lime in your water, sometimes is ok, but always isn’t.

Hard Candies

You know those lollipops for example or those candies your grandma gave you. Well yes, there’s the sugar problem but also, they are really hard. Your teeth are really hard too, but this isn’t a competition, so don’t try and see if your teeth are harder than the candy because sometimes, teeth lose! And it’s a competition you really don’t want to lose.

So, avoid hard candies for two reasons: their sugar content and risk of fracturing your teeth and causing a dental emergency.


Ok, ice is just water and water is great, but, like we said with the hard candies, we really don’t want to “test” our teeth out on hard things. Ice is one of those hard foods, it’s not a good idea to be chewing ice. You really do run the risk of fracture or causing permanent damage to your teeth.

Too many people run this risk, so beware, ice is for chilling, not chewing!

Worried that you’ve been eating too many “bad foods” then consider stopping in, book online here or give us a call on 0249616300

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