11 Interesting, Crazy & Fun Facts about your Teeth!

11 Interesting, Crazy & Fun Facts about your Teeth!

So for most people, teeth are pretty boring. Once the tooth fairy stopped visiting, we stopped paying attention to your teeth. But our teeth are more interesting than we are led to believe. Let’s get into some interesting facts about your teeth.

1. Our Teeth are more revealing about ourselves then we think

If a scientist can get a hold of your teeth, they can learn some seriously personal facts about you. Like what? Well your age, your (good or poor) diet, where on the planet you might have lived, signs about your general well being as well as how beautiful your smile would’ve been! Who knew you could know so much from your teeth.

2. Your teeth are a bunch of unique individuals

Baby teeth or your adult teeth, doesn’t matter – they are all unique. Kind of like snowflakes, no two teeth are identical. Every tooth we have has a unique identity, shape, size, colour etc. And between people, teeth vary greatly!

3. Crazy Toothpaste Alternatives

Before 200 years ago, there was no commercial toothpaste. So what did everyone do? Well ancient remedies included ox hooves powder & burned egg shells, that would be smashed together. Charcoal was used by the Romans & Greeks and they even used chalk. There are some people still today using charcoal!

Quick Fire Fun Facts

  1. In your lifetime, your mouth is going to produce around 21,000 litres of saliva (crazy)
  2. Tooth enamel (the hard white substance covering the crown of a tooth) is the hardest substance in the human body (not your biceps after all gents).
  3. Everyone’s tongue print is completely different, much like fingerprints
  4. The average child laughs 400 times per day while an adult just 15 times per day (that’s quite sad for adults!)
  5. What year was the first commercial floss made? 1882
  6. How many days does the average person spend brushing their teeth in a lifetime? Thirty eight days!!
  7. A snail’s mouth is as small as the head of a pin but can contain up to 25,000 teeth!
  8. Guess what’s the world’s 2nd most common disease after the common cold? That’s right, tooth decay!


No one likes having a cold, and no one likes tooth decay either, so be sure to come in and visit us for a check up on any cavities or tooth issues before it’s too late – book here or call us on 0249616300

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