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icon_toothWe don’t want to sound ageist, but we know you’re the generation who grew up with the sometimes-terrifying experience of the school dentist. Even your family dentist probably wasn’t noted for his charm or gentle manner.

Maybe you never learned about the value of brushing your teeth properly or flossing every day. Maybe you never learned the correct brushing technique. In ‘the olden days’, dentists seemed to be all about the fillings and not about preventative dental care.

Well, times have changed. At Boulton Dental, we’ve made it our mission to win you back, educate you on good oral health – and get you to enjoy coming to see us.


icon_tooth with tickSome of our patients arrive early so they can grab a drink, read a magazine and generally calm down before their appointment. (They also check with our receptionist to see what’s on the overhead TV in the surgery; it’s always a big hit with all our patients, both young and old ).

So let us help you improve your appearance and overall wellbeing. None of us wants to look older than we need to, right? At your time of life, it’s important to maintain good oral health practices so you can keep the teeth you still have.

You’ve worked hard looking after everyone else; isn’t it time to take better care of you?


icon_shiny toothAs we age, our teeth start to yellow and wear out. You can get tiny cracks that could develop into holes – and here comes another filling.

Aged teeth may break or you may lose a tooth for good. These days, all these issues are (relatively) easy to fix, and we have cost-effective options available for you.

Things are easier with a good smile; come to us and we’ll tailor a plan to suit your individual circumstances. We have plenty of options from which to choose.

But first we talk to you and listen to any specific issues you have. For the best results, we need to work as a team.

It’s your time to be the best you can be: why not get started now?

It’s your time to be the best you can be. For exceptional care, contact Boulton Dental Newcastle today.

If you’d like to book an appointment with Boulton Dental, then contact us, or call us in Newcastle on (02) 4961 6300.

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